cotton duck

My First Roll of Canvas

I haven't stretched my own canvases for years. This was a NYC-based decision. My rooms and apartments in Brooklyn  and Queens were always too small to store the necessary supplies like wood boards, roll canvas, and a chop saw. It was more easier and more practical to order pre-stretched canvases.

Now, however, I live in a great loft in Oakland with plenty of room, and I'm developing quite a nice tool collection. So, once again I can make custom canvases. I just bought my first roll of canvas from India. After much research I decided on a 60 inch wide, 90 yard long roll of army duck. Army duck is a 100% cotton canvas - it's way cheaper than linen. Army duck is a double-fill, which means 2 threads are twisted together for a much tighter weave than standard cotton duck, so it's smoother, stronger, and more durable. Because of the tight weave it's good for portrait painting and silk screening both of which I do a lot.  90 yards means a lot of painting, and the potential for large canvases. I'm totally excited!

Unpacking my new canvas.