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About Summer

Summer Romasco is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, California. Her work is focused on exploring our connections to the ephemeral and the whimsical, and the idea of finding awe in everyday life. Romasco is primarily a painter and her preferred mediums are acrylic, spray paint, and screenprint, although she also creates murals and digital work.

Romasco’s work examines where abstraction and figuration intersect. Novelty and ambiguity are her favorite phenomena, and in her practice, she seeks out the liminal space between understanding and mystery. Her figures are faceless everywomen represented at different times in solitude, in relationships, and in communities, but always in surreal-sublime environments made up of simple symmetrical compositions, gradients, pattern, and harmonious color. She is continually interested in and inspired by symbols, patterns, the landscape, our quest for understanding, and how we piece it all together to create personal meaning and a place for ourselves in the world.

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