Painting styles for Côte West

Hey Bret,

I’m including pieces from a few collections below to give you a sense of my range. Again, I’d be totally happy to do something new & customized for your spaces. The more I think about your space and your brand design, I think something in natural colors with a bright accent color to tie into the blues/greens of the logo & your plants or even the pink of the rosé might make sense.


Gauche paintings on paper

These have organic subject matter and perhaps the colors are more inline with your current logo. These are small works on paper, but I can definitely do something similar larger and on canvas.


Painted screen prints

These are also more organic in subject matter, and the backgrounds are on the organic/deconstructed side, with the front objects in a more graphic style.


Abstract acrylic paintings on canvas

These are form a series of abstracts called Dear Science, and it was very much about testing the boundaries of the paint and walking a line between control and chaos. These abstracts are on the brighter side, and I’m happy to do some in warmer, more natural, or earth tones.